We have had requests for the ‘original’ blackberry cobbler recipe of “PEACH FORK FARM”.   Below you will find the recipe given to me by  *Alvina Heinrich, from whom we purchased the farm in 2000.  Each July, I print out a variety of Blackberry recipes for you to try.  These are available at the Berry Box when you come to pick.


Crust:   3 c. flour,  1-1/3 c. shortening,  1 egg,  1 t. salt,  1 t. vinegar,  6 T. water 

Mix flour and shortening until it is a crumbly mixture.  Mix egg, salt, vinegar, and water.  Add to the flour mixture and mix thoroughly.  Chill.  Roll out to fit baking dish.

Blackberry Filling:  4-5 c. blackberries,  1-1/4 c. sugar,  2 T. flour,  2 T. butter,  1 t. sugar 

Mix fresh fruit with sugar and flour.  Pour fruit into 8×8 casserole or pie pan.  Dot with 2 T. butter.  Cover with crust.  Sprinkle crust with 1 t. of sugar.  Bake at 350 for 1 hour, or until golden brown.

* original recipe says to microwave fruit ingredients until almost boiling – then add dot of butter and roll out crust for top of berries (or cut crust into 1/2 inch strips and lay on top of berries).  But I don’t microwave the fruit.  I just place the crust on top of the fresh berries and bake it.